Modular Building Institute

JigsawKids Preschool

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc.
Blazer Industries, Inc.
Pasco, WA
Building Use:
Preschool & Childcare Programs
Gross Size of Project:
11760 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    As a remodel from office use to day care, this 11,760 square foot structure would need primary restrooms added and an industrial kitchen to provide for the anticipated 160 children it would serve each day. The interior was completely renovated with brightly painted tape and texture walls, 9 foot high acoustical ceilings with parabolic lenses and kid friendly carpeting. The exterior siding was covered with insulated stucco and a dramatic portico entrance was added at the site. The wall hung HVAC systems were left in place as an economical move and screens were used to mask their appearance.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The original factory building was comprised of 30 pieces and 14 were used for this project. The clear span construction of the original structure allowed for freedom to place interior walls as desired. This allowed the 120 ton crane to quickly place all components unto the perimeter foundation in one day and all interior and exterior work to start the very next day. The roof design and entry portico in combination with the site landscaping created a finished product that had no resemblance to typical modular construction. Throughout the process we made a conscience effort to not use any finishes that were considered typically used in modular buildings. Examples of this are the tape/textured walls, custom carpeting, suspended ceiling with parabolic lighting, custom cabinetry with unique hardware, and secluded play area.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    A combination of clear span construction utilizing microlam beams supported by steel posts hidden in the interior walls were used to keep costs down with no visual or structural compromise. Six HVAC zones utilizing wall hung HVAC’s with economizers was designed to create flexibility and efficiency in the heating and cooling system. All rooms are equipped with motion sensors with T-8 fluorescent lighting. The installation of all sections was completed in one day by pre-constructing a stem wall foundation and utilizing a crane for placement of the modules. By completing the project on site within 60 days, it allowed the owner to utilize the facility much faster than if conventional construction was used.
  4. Project History
    This building was originally constructed as 50,000 square foot office comprised of 58 modules for Hewlett Packard during the mid 1990’s tech boom to meet the accelerated need for office space at their Corvallis, Oregon campus. 10 years later the building was removed from the Corvallis site and large sections of the structure were repurposed for various applications such as shipyard offices, airport terminal waiting area, missile factory office and even self contained restroom modules. The 14 modules comprising this building were actually used for two purposes, 10 units were at a prison construction site as both General and sub contractor office and 4 were used as an office at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation remediation site. The two structures were reunited on this site and transformed into the Jigsaw daycare/school facility.
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