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Green Relocatable Classroom Building

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Triumph Modular
Mark Line Industries, Inc.
Newton, MA
Building Use:
Gross Size of Project:
4800 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The building layout provides the school with an additional four classrooms in a compact footprint with minimal site disruption. Exterior finishes are designed to be durable, transportable, and long lasting, with very little need for maintenance. The layout of building’s exterior cementitious panels relates to the brickwork on the existing building in both pattern and color. The white doors and windows relate to the existing school. Interior classrooms have high ceilings and finishes are light and bright for maximum light reflection and interest. Adjacent classrooms are separated by two separate walls, both of which have rigid insulation adhered to them, and separated by an air gap virtually eliminating sound transmission. Noise transmission within the classrooms is mitigated by the continuous wood fiber acoustic panels. Rooftop mechanical devices were located above the corridor, away from the classrooms and ductwork was lined with acoustic insulation.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The design team considered physical, biological, and chemical sources of potentially harmful contaminants and selected environmentally friendly alternatives such as Low VOC limits for adhesives and paints, and water based finishes. Natural ventilation is achieved through the use of operable windows in all classrooms and corridors. ASHRAE standards for air ventilation rates were maintained and CO2 pollutant sensors were installed in each classroom. By specifying ‘air-barrier’ construction, all thermal insulation was installed on the ‘cold’ side of the air/vapor barrier. This eliminated the need for batt insulation within the wall and ceiling stud and rafter bays, issues of dew-point, condensation and mold growth are virtually eliminated. To further limit mold development, the bottom edge of all gypsum wall board was held one inch off the floor deck, with the ‘gap’ hidden behind rubber wall base. This eliminates any issues associated with wet mopping adjacent to paper surfaces.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Energy efficiency was maximized by harvesting natural daylight, reducing mechanical system capacities and exploiting the benefits of an air-barrier system wrapping and sealing all six planes of the building shell. Exterior closed-cell ‘greenguard’ rigid insulation was installed in an unbroken manner over the entire shell of the structure on the cold side of the continuous air barrier eliminating any ‘thermal bridges’. Room occupancy sensors shut-down HVAC and lighting systems automatically when rooms are not being used. The four classrooms are comprised of 8 modules and were designed and assembled in such a manner as to allow for the relocation of individual classrooms in any combination, to other schools in the future. Each classroom is constructed to stand on its own, complete with its own HVAC unit, integral exterior insulation and air barrier systems. They are designed to be detached and moved with ease, simply requiring the installation of the exterior rain screen once relocated.
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