Modular Building Institute

Hart High School Modernization- Phase 1

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Silver Creek Industries
Silver Creek Industries Incorporated
Santa Clarita, CA
Building Use:
High School Science Facility
Gross Size of Project:
15800 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    SCI design and engineering team worked closely with the architect and the district to develop and construct a high performance learning environment. The single story campus addition is approximately 16,000 SF and includes 7 science laboratory classrooms(CR),5 preparation rooms staff- student RR's and building service space. The CR's are served by a covered and skylight central corridor which also provides daylight into the adjacent CR's through clerestory windows. Each CR has tubular skylights to provide natural light within the learning enviroment. The building's exterior features tapered parapets to screen the roof mounted, high efficiency, mechanical equipment as well as continuous canopies over the doors and windows to provide weather protection and to mitigate the entrance of direct sunlight. The exterior finishes consist of brick veneer, plaster and painted steel accents which combine in a striking manner that integrates the existing campus with a bold and contemporary design.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    To provide a high performance learning environment the building required significant use of daylighting strategies and specialized construction assemblies to harvest daylight from areas which would have otherwise been imposible. The covered central corridor includes 14 skylight wells each covered with a translucent panel to allow diffused light into the space while minimizing the heat gain. Each CR includes a sereies of clerestory windows strategically placed along the corridor to capture that natural light and provide it into the CR's. In order to accommodate the daylighting strategies, highly specialized building frames were designed and constructed which minimized the building height while allowing for the high ceilings necessary for the light transfer, but also providing space for significant utilities pathways and mechanical ductwork in the attic space.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    A highly efficient and high performance learning environment was a clear focus throughout the project. A total of 70 tubular and translucent skylight panels are used on the project in combination with clerestory windows to provide abundant natural light throughout all CR's. Daylight sensors are installed in each CR to adjust the electric lighting levels or turn off the electrical lighting completely based on the amount of natural lighting in each room. These daylighting strategies result in a significant reduction in electrical lighting usage during a majority of the instructional day. Additional lighting control is provided through the use of occupany sensors in all rooms which automatically turn off light fixtures when the room is not in use. A "cool roof" single ply membrane roofing system was used on the building to minimize heating loads while providing a long lasting high quality barrier.
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