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Triumph Modular Website

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Main Category:
Marketing Piece Entry
Triumph Modular
Date of Initial Distribution:

Award Criteria

  1. Specific Medium Used
  2. Target Audience
    Prospects interested in the modular building system, performance and design options.
  3. Methodology
    A collaboration of Alden Marketing and Triumph Modular to create a business driving website.
  4. Message to be Communicated
    Triumph is a forward-thinking company that partners to provide innovative, high-quality spaces.
  5. Distribution
    Triumph Modular Blog, Internet, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linking, Printed Materials and Media.
  6. Entry Objective
    We developed a search friendly optimized website leveraging keywords and links to promote Triumph’s high performing products, projects and collaborative efforts with architects and designers. We wanted a web 2.0 friendly website and blog that is a “hub” of information and a vehicle to showcase innovative solutions with commercial modular construction. The website is designed to drive leads and inquiries while making it visually appealing and easy to navigate. The pages and structure of the site was created in a way that we could easily maintain and update and also carry the new design style across multiple communications.
  7. Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries
    Search rank results for targeted keywords have increased an average of 45% and website driven request for quotes have increased 15% and 39% for phone calls. Visits have increased by 30%, but it’s the quality of the visitors coming to the site that has been outstanding. From public elementary schools to prestigious Ivy League schools, government agencies to contractors, visitors are pleasantly surprised to learn that system-built can be a good, even better solution to stick-built.
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