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80 Cubic Meter Per Day Modular Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Civeo Canada Limited Partnership
Fort McMurray, AB
Building Use:
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Gross Size of Project:
724 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Our single modular WWTP is designed to treat 80 cubic meters of sanitary wastewater per day, enough to treat sewage produced by 300 people. Major interior components include a three compartment marine grade aluminum tank, a self compacting screen, two aeration blowers, a PLC screen and three modular treatment trains consisting of a pump, screen, and external membranes. The client requested the unit be easily movable and therefore it is a modular skidded design. The interior flooring is heavy duty industrial grade skid resistant linoleum. The unit is climate controlled, providing heat and air conditioning. Thermal load consideration included the exothermic heat generated by the biological process. The unit is a durable design, using profiled metal inside and out. In an effort to make the unit’s exterior more visually appealing, and to create brand awareness for PTI’s water and wastewater division – CHIMO Water & Wastewater, a vinyl wrap was applied to one side of the unit.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Our challenge was to provide our client with a WWTP, for a 300 person facility in a remote location, using a very small footprint. Typical similar sized facilities in remote regions largely rely on a “store and haul” method for collection and treatment of wastewater. Using our exterior membranes allowed us to design and build an 80 cubic meter per day plant, fully self contained in a single 12’ X 60’ modular unit. This is 45% less space required than conventional WWTP’s. The effluent generated by the plant is an industry leader with standards of <5 mg/L TSS & <5 BOD. Therefore the effluent can go directly into the environment or be reused as process water in the industrial plant it is servicing. Using our exclusive technology has also led to lower treatment and maintenance costs since no additional chemicals are used in the treatment process. PTI provided a turnkey service to the client including permit applications, discharge field design, installation and all hookups.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The plant is fully relocateable with quick and easy installation, requiring only a power hookup, inlet pipe hookup and discharge pipe hookup. Our treatment plant is replacing a “store and haul” methodology. With the nearest municipal WWTP located over 1.5 hours away it is quite costly to store and haul the wastewater over the duration of a project. The system design uses an exterior membrane technology that lowers treatment and maintenance costs by having a sight glass on each plate, allowing for visual confirmation of effectiveness and a method to isolate and repair a single plate if a membrane is compromised. The system can be fixed without the need for large equipment to pull it out of the wastewater, as with other systems. The plant is designed to generate significantly lower levels of excess sludge which lowers overall treatment costs. Membrane cleaning can be done in situ with this unit. The effluent produced is of better quality than what is already found in the environment!
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