Modular Building Institute

Trenton Police Department (East)

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Miller Building Systems, Inc.
Trenton, NJ
Building Use:
Police Department
Gross Size of Project:
7840 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The new Police facility by the City of Trenton was one of two identical modular buildings to allow the police department of Trenton to have presence in both the West and East Wards of the city rather then having all police functions run from the downtown central police headquarters built back in the 1930’s. The idea behind both facilities was to enhance not only police presence but the revitalization and redevelopment of those two Wards within the City of Trenton. Because of the redevelopment in those two areas, the facilities took on a more gentle office type exterior more common with upscale suburban police facilities. Because the area was more residential in nature, the building was designed to bring in the architecture of some of the older restored brick row houses in the area as well as softening the overall look of the building with the high peaked roof and front entrance with its masonry columns.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Due to the fact that the building is utilized as a police facility in an urban setting once entering the main vestibule, the Sergeant’s viewing area is behind a bulletproof glass and wall system totally installed at the factory. The use of fire rated shaft walls for the site-installed elevator eliminated the need to have a conventionally built CMU elevator shaft constructed on site. By positioning one of the modulars per floor in such a configuration allowed the entrance vestibule assemble to be part of the modular structure from the factory eliminating the need to have that section built onsite. Due to the fact there were some special needs for larger spans in the building as well as increase floor loads for certain special application areas, a blend of wood and steel construction was utilized within the walls and roof systems on both floors. All necessary data requirements for both the community room and the police role call area were designed at the factory.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    First and foremost cost effectiveness on this project was the accomplishment of doing as much as possible with the building and it’s interior at the factory to minimize the requirement for union labor for the project. Energy efficiency was provided for in many applications throughout the structure. The exterior of the building had a 6” stud wall with an R-19 insulation value within the wall. In addition however, the exterior applied brick had another special insulation board to allow the total exterior insulation to be brought up to an R-28. The same insulation value was carried through to the first floor crawl space as well as the second floor roof that also allowed for both to have an R-28 value. All of the exterior windows including the two-story entrance vestibule had triple glaze insulated windows for efficiency. To reduce maintenance costs in all bathrooms and locker rooms area, a three-coat epoxy floor was utilized. The carpeted areas; community room, call center and comman
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