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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Sommer's Mobile Leasing
Manufactured Structures Corp.
Lorain, OH
Building Use:
Hospital Records & Social Services
Gross Size of Project:
9424 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The client had limited space on hospital grounds for placing the Records and Social Service Offices. It needed to be fire rated due to the site location along with having a floor rating of 250#/sq. ft. The Social Services area required total separation from the Records area. The configuration of the site required 7 modules of 12x56. The remaining 6 were 12x68. The building was placed into the courtyard maximizing available space. The design needed to incorporate 2 entrances that were on the same level as the main building and still maintain fire ratings. A combination of fire rated doors and fire suppression system was used to meet requirements. The structure needed to blend into the 10 story structure on one side and a recent 1 story addition on the other. A permanent appearance was provided. Windows were sized to compliment the neighboring structures. An E.F.I.S. was chosen for the exterior to enhance appearance. Landscaping was used to further enhance the appearance.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Building cost was a concern.Customer used electric resistance heating for cost savings of bldg specs & maintenance. To save energy the structure utilized 2x6 walls to increase the insulation factor.House wrap was used to minimize wind infiltration. A 2" Styrofoam panel was used beneath the E.F.I.S. covering for additional insulation factor. Central electronic thermostats controlling 2-4 HVAC appliances were used. This system prevents the firing of all units at one time and alternates the first fired appliance thus preventing huge power surges and evens the wear and tear on the appliances. 250# per Sq Ft. floor loading was used due to the primary function of the building. We utilized 2x8 floor joists @ 12" OC plus double 3/4" floor. A Full perimeter plus a trench footer was designed allowing for more piers in critical areas. The 2x8 allowed us to use R22 insulation.Utility lights in crawl space were factory installed to aid mechanical technicians.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The customer has come to rely on modular construction due to the understanding that modular construction has a place within their hospital system. They have discovered the speed, convenience, and cost savings of modulars. What use to take a minimum of 12 months to accomplish for conventional systems, Sommer's Mobile Leasing, Inc. accomplished in less time. In fact, we could move faster than their system was prepared for. It was only 28 days from crane set to completion. The cost of the modular structure came in far less than they were normally accustomed to expect. The stress level for hospital managers was far less and absorbed less of their time. Their patients inconvenience factor was kept to a minimum during the limited on site construction time.
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