Modular Building Institute

Cypress Ridge Winery

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc.
Silver Creek Industries, Inc.
King City, CA
Building Use:
Office/Laboratory/Tasting Room
Gross Size of Project:
3600 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Our client desired a nicer more professional appearance for their visitors that came to the site, in addition to a larger conference room for meetings, tasting sessions and a lab to accommodate their growth. The solution was to construct a new 24x60 modular, compliant with the most current codes, and to customize it to create the desired first impression. The new 24x60 building is connected to the existing leased 36x60 to create one larger integrated 60x60 structure. The interior of the 36x60 was opened up to create a larger lab and conference room, in addition to altering access to some office space to create more privacy for select occupants. The two buildings were designed to appear to be one large space with a much nicer reception area and insulated office areas in the executive portion of the building.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    A number of technical issues required resolution in order to create the new expanded workspace that our client envisioned. The new 24x60 office needed to blend with the existing 36x60 both externally and internally, yet improve upon the first impression of visitors. We connected the buildings together via two 4’ wide “hallways” to keep up the illusion of one office space, yet maintain a high level of privacy between the two areas. The connections required both Department of Housing and local Building Department approvals since they crossed into both jurisdictions. Within the 36x60 existing office building, we removed approximately 160’ of interior walls, removed windows, relocated two roof supports to create a large open Lab and Meeting Room, relocated two interior doors to suit the new configuration, added special sinks and cabinetry, and added new walls with sound dampening. A sprinkler system and new plumbing manifold were added to connect all of the new and existing fixtures.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Although more strategic and intensive, we chose to expand rather than replace the existing modular to maximize cost effectiveness. With the addition of the new building and code changes in the county, a sprinkler system was required throughout the entire 60x60 two part structure. By utilizing a local company that was adding sprinklers to the warehouse on site, we were able to save cost and take advantage of their knowledge and experience in obtaining permits through the County Building Department. The plumber hired for the job was also local and quite familiar with the local code requirements which made the approval process easier. Since we added the 24x60 to the front of the existing leased 36x60, the client was able to keep the office open and functional until the new building was ready for occupancy. Due to careful planning, the client did not have to relocate personnel off-site during the office addition and subsequent existing office remodel.
  4. Project History
    The original building on site was a 36x60 mobile building being leased to the client as clerical, management and operational personnel office space. The team was well planted in this office. An older, customer owned, 10’ wide mobile building was being used as a lab and shared a common deck with the larger 36x60 office space. With the expansion of the client’s business they needed more office space, a larger lab, and a nice meeting area in addition to presenting a better image to visitors coming to the facility. We collaborated with the staff and added a new 24x60, complete with reception area and office space, to the front of the existing building to provide the solution for their needs. The structures were connected to create one large space yet still maintain privacy between the operational entities. Strategic and well thought planning with the client and contractors early on resulted in a successful outcome.
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