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sky™ High Performance Classroom Building

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Green Building Design
Silver Creek Industries
29 x 40 x 15
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  1. Thermal Comfort Strategy
    The sky™ High Performance Classroom Building utilizes a dedicated air handler for each classroom with individual controls. As an alternate a Variable Refrigerant Flow system is available with a centralized array of split-system heat pumps and single or multiple fan coils in each classroom which each have individual controls. A programmable thermostat is utilized to control the air handler as well as temperature, humidity, occupancy, and co2 sensors to maximize the system efficiency and occupant comfort. Operable windows are provided to allow for natural cooling and circulation when desired.
  2. Indoor Air Quality Strategy
    The sky™ High Performance Classroom Building utilizes a mechanical ventilation system to provide fresh air in excess of the volumes required by both the California Title 24 Regulations (Part 6) and the ASHRAE 62.1 standards. High MERV rated filters are used in the air handler with either a mechanical or digital notification provided to alert the user of a dirty filter to ensure that air quality is maximized. Low and No-VOC products, materials, paints and coatings are used throughout the building. Non-absorbent materials and overhangs or canopies are used adjacent to exterior doorways to reduce the potential for moisture transfer into the building. Temperature and humidity control systems are designed and provided to be in accordance with the ASHRAE 55 standards. While the building is being constructed in the factory all materials and modules are protected by canopies and enclosures. On the project site a building flush-out is performed prior to occupancy.
  3. Daylighting Strategy
    The sky™ High Performance Classroom Building utilizes a variety of daylight harvesting systems to provide a well lit and comfortable learning environment while reducing or eliminating electric light usage during the normal classroom operational hours. The optimal placement of the building will result in large north facing glazed openings provided at view level with additional clerestory windows provided above view level and offset towards the center of the classroom to provide optimal light distribution. Smaller windows are provided above view level at the south facing wall to allow additional natural light into the space while minimizing the associated heat gain and direct sunlight entry. Tubular skylights with dimming controls are provided where the clerestory does not occur in order to ensure natural light is available throughout the classroom. A customizable control system ensures that electrical lighting is not used when adequate natural lighting is available.
  4. Acoustic Strategy
    The sky™ High Performance Classroom Building was developed from the onset to provide a healthy and quiet learning environment. Mechanical equipment is utilized which features noise dampers, silencers and vibration controls to significantly reduce the contribution to the background noise levels from the space conditioning system. STC rated wall and roof assemblies are used to isolate the classroom from the exterior background noise and STC rated window and door assemblies are available for use on project sites which feature abnormally high levels of sound exposure. Lay-in ceiling panels with a high Noise Reduction Coefficient are used where clerestory windows do not occur. Tectum panels with a high Noise Reduction Coefficient are utilized in the clerestory areas to provide a unique architectural treatment while controlling reverberation. The result is a learning environment with background noise levels below 35 dBA and reverberation times of less than 0.6 seconds.
  5. Energy Efficiency Strategy
    The sky™ High Performance Classroom Building utilizes recycled and sustainably harvested materials throughout. The primary structural system consists of a steel frame which is constructed using high recycled content beams, tubes and plates. The wall framing features sustainably harvested wood stud framing. The suspended ceiling system is constructed of high recycled content runners and lay-in panels. The carpet tiles and backer have a high recycled material content and can be removed/replaced piece by piece as needed to minimize future waste. The factory construction process utilizes detailed shop drawings and proven processes to minimize material waste. The landfill construction waste diversion ratio is in excess of 90%.
  6. Architectural Excellence
    The sky™ High Performance Classroom Building combines the efficiency of modular construction with the aesthetics of a high-end site-built educational facility. By utilizing multiple modular widths, lengths and heights within a single classroom the design is free of any similarities to a traditional box shaped modular classroom. The exterior combines multiple finish materials into a single cohesive and innovative form. The interior features a curved ceiling at the clerestory which provides an openness and volume not typically found in a modular classroom. The use of painted and fabric cover surfaces as well as accent colors and multiple ceiling finish materials results in dynamic and functional learning environment.
  7. Economic Practicality
    The sky™ High Performance Classroom Building is designed to significantly reduce operational costs while being delivered at a built cost significantly less than site-built construction for a similar quality building. The cutting edge control packages and systems used in the building along with the innovative design strategies result in up to a 45% reduction in TDV energy use, with slightly higher reductions made to total energy use (kWh) and peak demand (kW). With the available photovoltaic panels a net zero energy classroom is possible. The modular construction process allows for reduced construction material waste and increased labor productivity as compared to site construction. Materials were selected with long life cycles to minimize on-going maintenance costs.
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