Modular Building Institute

Frelinghuysen Middle School

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Modular Genius, Inc.
Mobile Modular Express
Morris Township, NJ
Building Use:
School Administration Offices
Gross Size of Project:
4256 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    In support of major renovations to the Frelinghuysen Middle School, due to enrollment slowly increasing, the Morris School District chose relocatable modular buildings to help solve their space needs. Changes began by moving the Community School offices and Child Study Team offices to new modular buildings that have been placed on the grounds of the middle school, making room for new and renovated classrooms and science labs within the existing school. The new modular building project consists of two relocatable modular buildings joined together by a structural steel decking system allowing the two new spaces to function as one. The combined areas, totaling 4,256 nsf, consist of eight offices, two conference rooms, reception and waiting areas, work rooms, storage rooms, and male and female restrooms with the adjoining deck. This space is conveniently located on the campus as an auxiliary building to the existing school and has an upgraded school building look to match the campus.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    This site transformed from a small parcel of grass at the corner of the ball fields to a fully functional office facility in less than 60 business days. Electric, water, sewer, gas and foundations were constructed while the building was manufactured in an offsite facility. This concurrent construction process provided the school with quick installations and minimal site disturbance at site, making it a fast and streamline solution for the school. The design of this building was critical because the school needed to minimize losing space from the ball fields, while making the building accessible to the existing building. Two long rectangular buildings were designed and adjoined by a deck system to allow for these buildings to optimize the space and provide ideal functionality for the staff.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Energy efficiency was accomplished by constructing the building with (a) R-30 Insulation in the floor, (b) R-21 Insulation in the exterior walls, (c) R-11 in all interior walls, (d) R-38 Insulation in the roof, and (e) an energy efficient rooftop package HVAC system with galvanized duct and programmable thermostats. Additionally, high-performance double insulated low E-clear windows with Argon gas were installed to provide additional efficiency, especially with the cross winds from the open fields throughout the different seasons. To ensure further heating and cooling efficiency, all exterior doors were commercial steel insulated doors with aluminum insulated frames.
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