Modular Building Institute

Chabad of Monsey

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Nadler Modular Structures
Airmont, NY
Building Use:
Private Girls School
Gross Size of Project:
24425 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The 24,475 sq. ft. girls school made up of 32 Modules to accommodate children from Nursery through 12th grade is nestled in a very mature wooded property surrounded by private homes. The goal of the project was to have the modular building blend into the area seamlessly. With its site built roof façade, entry porches and stucco siding, that goal was accomplished. The interior of the building has a patterned vinyl composition floor tile, suspended ceiling and 5/8 inch sheetrock that was painted in various colors to reflect the age of the age of the children occupying the classrooms. This feature provided a bright, colorful and appealing appearance.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    During the design phase one of the main concerns was flow of traffic for the students. Each floor of the building is designed with a center hallway for foot traffic of almost 300 students. From the upper floors there are two staircases, one on each end of the floor going to the first floor, where there are six exits leading out of the building. Two of the exits are directly from within the stairwell so the children who occupy the second floor do not have to go in the first floor and block those hallways. There are also large sound deadening folding partitions for flexibility of different classroom group sizes. As safety is everyone’s main concern, the windows throughout the entire building have fixed bottom sash’s with operable top sashes. The building is also equipped with occupancy sensor switches for lighting to conserve energy.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    For most educational institutions, saving money is at the forefront of importance. The following are some highlights of the cost effectiveness: • We partnered with a HVAC supplier who provided the roof mounted gas units below cost in return for the service contract. The gas units will save the school significant money as opposed to electric units. • We partnered with a modular elevator company that we met at a previous MBI event to construct the elevator and trucked it to the site. It arrived complete and was installed in one day, saving site related costs. • A sprinkler system was installed on site to reduce fire ratings of the walls and doors, which lowered the cost of materials. • The entire building has water saver plumbing fixtures for reduced water use and cost.
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