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First Solar - AV Solar Ranch One

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Green Building Design
Silver Creek Industries
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89 x 49 x 15
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Award Criteria

  1. Thermal Comfort Strategy
    An inventive air transfer system was developed to cool and ventilate the warehouse space without adding tonnage to their air handling system. The roof mounted unit has an economizer and demand control ventilation.
  2. Indoor Air Quality Strategy
    Sag, mold, mildew and bacteria resistant ceiling tiles were installed in offices / lobby. All casework is formaldehyde free with corian countertops. Solarban 60 low-e glass reduces room side condensation of the windows.
  3. Daylighting Strategy
    High performance glazing and/or tubular skylights were provided in every regularly occupied space to provide natural daylighting and exterior views. Dual level switching with occupancy sensors and automatic daylight dimming controls were provided for all light fixtures in order to ensure that electrical lighting would not be used when adequate daylight was available or when the space was not occupied.
  4. Acoustic Strategy
    Acoustics was not a priority or concern for this building given it is used for maintenance and operations, and the building is located in the desert area of the Antelope Valley.
  5. Energy Efficiency Strategy
    The project was developed to utilize a photovoltaic array for all building energy uses resulting in a Net Zero Building. A single ply "cool roof" was combined with increased thermal insulation throughout the building to provide a highly efficient building envelope. Potable water usage was reduced by over 30% through the installation of high efficiency fixtures. Located in the Antelope Valley area of North Los Angeles County, the building houses the Operations and Maintenance team of a 230MW solar site that will produce sufficient electricity to support the annual energy needs of approximately 75,000 homes. The building will continue to provide significant cost savings in the future since it is fully powered by the on site photovoltaic panels. As a Net Zero Energy building, the annual energy costs will be non-existent.
  6. Architectural Excellence
    A mixture of traditional raised floor modules were joined with slab-on-grade modules to develop an inventive modular building concept. This concept combined with thoughtful finish selection allowed Silver Creek to deliver a truly striking project. The 4,057 square foot structure houses 6 private offices, a conference room, a lobby, a lounge, a control station, a warehouse and restrooms. The building interior utilizes a 2 tone paint scheme with unique flooring patterns. The building exterior is a mixture of corrugated metal siding and stucco which uses a color palette designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape. From the project's onset sustainability was identified as a primary focus. To that end the project was designed to achieve a LEED Gold rating.
  7. Economic Practicality
    The project owner had decided early in the project planning process to investigate modular construction as a possible cost reduction strategy. The remote project site was perfectly suited for offsite modular construction and allowed the project to capture significant construction cost savings while simultaneously reducing the construction duration. Silver Creek was approached and selected to provide a design/build modular building solution and was responsible for all project phases from conceptual design through construction. As the design/build contractor Silver Creek was committed to providing a design focused experience and worked closely with the project owner throughout all phases.
  8. Other
    The control station in the building comprises multiple flat screen monitors and equipment that will be utilized to continually observe and sustain the performance of the photovoltaic panels. Thousands of local businesses and consumers in the area will benefit from the energy cost savings. This site has also provided employment opportunities to hundreds of local residents and Silver Creek is pleased to have played a small yet significant role in this development.
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