Modular Building Institute

Ashland Community and Techncial College Cosmetology

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Innovative Modular Solutions, Inc.
Whitley Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Ashland, KY
Building Use:
Cosmetology School and Public Salon
Gross Size of Project:
5982 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Prior to the opening of the new facility, the Ashland Community and Technical College (ACTC) Cosmetology program operated in an aging building. ACTC worked with the State and IMS to design a new, upgraded facility that provides 5,982 square feet of devoted space. It was important that the building blended seamlessly into the campus, so the site was designed to save as many trees as possible and the Hardiepanel Stucco siding was painted to match surrounding buildings. The program now has 22 styling stations in its main salon that are each wired for electricity allowing students to conveniently use their equipment. Also included are six manicure, three pedicure, four back wash, and three treatment stations as well as five commercial hair-dryers, a classroom, waiting room, and office. A private entrance was installed at the rear of the building to serve their Stepping Stones program which gives chemotherapy patients a way to discretely come for free wigs and other services.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    After the original site-built design was over budget, ACTC evaluated several options for the cosmetology building and ultimately selected modular to meet budget and time constraints. IMS and Whitley Manufacturing worked with the project team to redesign the original layout to provide a more efficient workflow while reducing the cost of manufacturing and site installation. Additionally, the water heating system for the project was designed to accommodate both the available site utilities and user requirements which included an extremely high use of hot water. Natural gas was not readily available so the project team utilized a single, high-recovery, three-phase water heater that provides hot water for students and clientele at all times. The design modifications also allow the building to be easily dismantled and relocated to another location if the need should arise in the future. At the completion of the project IMS was able to reduce the overall project cost by approximately 9%.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    IMS designed a 7 module building that maximized the use of the available site and minimized onsite construction. Installation of all plumbing and electrical needed at the styling and service stations and a limited area sprinkler system was performed offsite, reducing the schedule and project cost. Additionally, the original design included a complicated low voltage lighting system and a complex HVAC control system. The systems pushed the project over budget and ACTC looked to IMS to provide an energy efficient building within their budget. The IMS cost-effective solution included utilizing standard energy efficient lay-in lights with occupancy sensors in every room and redesigning the HVAC system to utilize electric heat pumps with programmable thermostats and CO2 sensors which improve indoor air quality. Resource efficiency was exhibited by the reuse of the axles, tires, hitches, and shipping walls that were returned to recyclers for refurbishment and reuse or directly recycled.
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