Modular Building Institute

MEG Energy Christina Lake Lodge

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd.
Near Conklin, AB
Building Use:
Housing for Oil Sands Workers
Gross Size of Project:
120000 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    This lodge combines quality materials and fine craftsmanship to create the feel of a high-end ski lodge. The core facility features wood and metal inlays throughout and includes fireplaces, a theatre, a recreational centre, meeting rooms, a first-class fitness facility and offices. A number of large windows allow natural light into the buildings. The class-leading kitchen was designed with high attention to culinary processes, including top-end appliances, food handling flow and storage, efficient workspaces and ease of cleaning. The two-storey dormitories are equipped with sound attenuating properties for the executive level 300 sq-ft bedrooms. Each bedroom features a private three-piece bathroom, a workstation with easy chair, sofa, refrigerator, a large television and a PTAC heating and cooling system controlled by a wall mounted thermostat. The lodge includes a pre-engineered gymnasium with full basketball court, rich wood panelling, fluorescent lighting and clerestory windows.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    A sloped raised roof system in the dining area was designed to project well past the building envelope. This feature required a structural design that included exposed tilted glulam columns which supported the second-storey roof structure and a first-storey veranda. The dining area modules were shipped with false roofs over half of their length, which were removed on site. The sloped raised roof was constructed of open web wood trusses and installed onto the modules. The tilted glulam columns induced a significant lateral load onto the raised sloped roof. This was addressed by installing a glulam cross beam in each module to transfer the lateral load to the modular unit sheer walls beyond the open dining area. The lodge is built on a hill and features a skywalk system (also known as a +15) to accommodate the slope. The acclimatized corridor connects the dormitories to the core facilities. Steel bents support the corridor and were designed for wind, snow and seismic loads.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    To decrease water usage at the lodge, ATCO installed dual flush toilets and a water recycling system to filter water from showers and sinks for use in toilets. The facility’s design maximizes the use of natural lighting, decreasing energy consumption from light usage.
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