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Solar Studio - Osterville

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Triumph Modular
Brotherwood of NH, Inc.
Osterville, MA
Building Use:
Solar powered mobile field office
Gross Size of Project:
512 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The Solar Studio combines striking contemporary appearance, compact layout and energy efficient design. The open floor plan features a centralized compact kitchen area, tucked away restroom facility and alcove of space which can function as a private office space, storage or meeting area. Ceiling heights vary up to 13' in height which presents a voluminous feeling. The building is comprised of two modules measuring 8' x 32' seamed together horizontally. Exterior cladding is locally-milled wood, trimmed in Mahogany and stained a deep red. The sloped roof lends the building architectural significance and is fabricated using standing-seam metal system. The design intent for the Solar Studio was to combine adaptability of use with the latest industry advances in energy efficiency and sustainable practices. The Solar Studio was repurposed as a green solar powered field office for a construction manager building at high-end oceanfront custom home.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The Solar Studio incorporates energy efficiency, sustainability and adaptability. The following features combine to reduce energy consumption: dual-flush toilet and low-flow fixtures, CFL high-efficiency halogen units, Fujitsu Dual System heat/ac unit, Dawn Solar thermal collector with hot water heating capacity, UniSolar flexible photovoltaic rooftop panels with Solectra PV11800 inverter. Sustainable materials include, recycled glass tile, bamboo flooring, FSC-certified and locally harvested siding, FSC certified Mahogany trim, high-recycled content standing seam metal roof with a 50+ year expected life. The structure consists of structural insulated panels and folding roof system with closed cell foam insulation and low-e windows which incorporate passive solar and cross ventilation. Solar Studio's features combine to create a fluid system that exists in harmony with the environment while at the same time creating an attractive, inviting, flexible space.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The Solar Studio design's intent has a keen focus on energy efficiency. The materials and finishes were chosen using the life cycle approach. The embodied energy of each product, operating cost and expected life were considered. Employing offsite fabrication is of great consequence to the cost and resource conservation. Accurate ordering, waste reduction, QA/QC programs and strict adherence to specifications are offsite characteristics that impact cost. The relocatable nature of the building allows it to serve infinite applications throughout its useful life. Triumph's partnership with Brotherwood as the re-manufacturer added to the bottom line. The brief but thorough integrated design process, enabled us to collectively apply our modular expertise to conserve cost and maximize efficiency. The sum total of material choices, fabrication method, team collaboration and employing the life cycle approach to design result in a bottom line benefit to the Solar Studio's occupants.
  4. Project History
    The Solar Studio was originally designed as a prototype for use as a promotional exhibit and touring model for the dealer. It's intent was to showcase green, sustainable modular design. The prototype application was successful, it drove interest and created sales opportunities. Yet, we strived to see the Solar studio move out of that realm, into a real world application to function as a solution to an individual's need. Spring 2012 presented an opportunity for the building to be repurposed as a field office. A developer who sought the green attributes and appreciated the attractive design contacted Triumph. We engaged in an intense process of re-manufacturing the modules for business. The process included updating plumbing, electrical, mechanical systems and improving insulation all within the client's aggressive time schedule. The Solar Studio enjoyed a summer of breathtaking views; its inhabitants took advantage of its adaptable space as a productive hub for the company's activities.
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